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Orange Sunset.
7 January 2014

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Port Dickson Beach. :)
4 February 2012

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14 December 2009

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16 September 2009

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Ramadhan Delight
9 September 2009

Recent Comments

Ronnie 2¢ on cutest baby on earth :)
She has me smiling - and that cannot be a bad thing !

Elena Kotrotsou on Langkawi Shots. II
Beautiful place!

klauSZ on Langkawi Shots. II
an awesome location and beautiful framing

Leahhhkay on Langkawi Shots. I
this is awesome. great angle. i love the reflection

Shahryar on Cannon!
Interesting shot :)

Shahryar on Langkawi Shots. I
nice :)

Katalog Stron on Potrait I
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

Mirza Ahmad on Potrait I
Thanks for visiting my blog, look forward to more.

kate on Potrait I
sweet portrait!!:)

Zing on Cannon!
Great details and perspective!

Shahryar on Cannon!
Interesting shot :)

MARIANA on Cannon!
Very cool image . good angle and texture !

Elena Kotrotsou on Cannon!
wow! Great POV, very impressive composition!

Pavan Kaul on Cannon!
A wonderful perspective and framing...the details and texture are just superb! Well done Aine!

Amir Taheri Kondar on Cannon!
nice view !

thami on Cannon!
Heureusement que nous n'avons pas de téléobjectif de cette taille, sinon il faudrait une grue en ...

kate on Cannon!

Elena Kotrotsou on St. John Hill, Melaka
Nice shot, lovely flowers.

akarui on St. John Hill, Melaka
Beautiful yellow flowers in a place which was keep by guns.

MARIANA on St. John Hill, Melaka
Very lovely colors and great POV !

thami on St. John Hill, Melaka
Etrange proximité entre fleurs et canon! Est-ce une forteresse ? Bon week end !

kate on St. John Hill, Melaka
just beautiful!!::)

Eijneb on St. John Hill, Melaka
Hello~ for a first time, this is actually really good. It look like those pictures my friends take( an they've ...

grain on St. John Hill, Melaka
Un cadrage renversant pour ce jardin bien gardé!! Bonne fin de semaine lumineuse!

Aisyah on the BEACH
Umi~~!! Haha this is very beautiful! You can really see the waves clearly ne?? PRETTY!! ^-^

Aisyah on the SUN
WOOW~~! Beautiful sun~ ^o^ Issit sunset or sunrise? Either way the sky looks PRETTY! ^^

Amir Taheri Kondar on blue SKY! :D
nice. happy new Iranian year (Nowrooz) to you.

Zing on blue SKY! :D
Cute and colourful.

adrianshot on blue SKY! :D
Great work girl! A very simple picture with splendid colors!

Elena Kotrotsou on blue SKY! :D
Nice shot!

Pavan Kaul on blue SKY! :D
A wonderful composition..the colors and exposure balance is wonderful!

akarui on Tree on a beach~ (:
Nice silhouettes and beautiful sky.

Benkirane Thami on Tree on a beach~ (:
Excellente scène en ombres chinoises qui se détachent sur la page bleue du paysage! Bonne fin de semaine ...

kate on Tree on a beach~ (:
~` welcome back~` I trust all is well ~~ beatiful picture lovely colour and tones~~!! :)

Mirza Ahmad on flower
Very colourful.

Pavan Kaul on flower
A magnificent composition with beautiful colors!

Zing on flower
Beautiful flowers, nice colours!

akarui on flower
Very nice flowers. An introduction for spring.

Elena Kotrotsou on flower
Lovely picture

MARIANA on flower
Very lovely :)

kate on flower
these are beautiful!! L( great picture~~

Florence on flower
Lovely ! I feel like beeing in springtime ! :-)

Ken on flower
Peaceful and calm. Great composition!

thami on flower
Merci pour ce bouquet fleuri ! Bonne journée lumineuse et chaleureuse!

Mirza Ahmad on Sunway Lagoon trip II
Looks like fun.

kate on Moonlight! (:

Nyx Robey on Aquarium Reflection
wow what a crazy shot! The fish next to the umbrella makes this photo so surreal. Good job!

Nyx Robey on cuppycakes
Yum! Cute too! love the angle

MARIANA on Sunway Lagoon trip II
It is certainly a lot of fun for kids and parents ;))

Elena Kotrotsou on Sunway Lagoon trip II
Nice shot

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